Doll Face Set:

55 extensions per eye



Pin Up Girl Set:

85 extensions per eye


Bombshell Set:

105 extensions per eye



*All sets receive the the first re-lash/fill free within 14 days of the set application. Re-lash/Fills start at $50 every two weeks, $85 every three weeks, or $125 every four weeks



Extra Sass…

Swarovski Lash Crystals are $5 per crystal

*Colored extensions are available upon request


Recommended Aftercare Essentials:


  • Eye Makeup Remover/Facial Cleanser
  • Protective Coating
  • Mascara
  • Micro Fiber Wands
  • Hydrating Under-eye Gel Patches
  • Retractable Styling Wand


*Items are specifically made by and for Xtreme Lash Extensions.
May be purchased separately or available as a kit.